Ženy a technika

Technika a ICT - Cherchez la femme !

Promoting elimination of gender segregation in the Pilsen Region


The project called “Technology and ICT - Cherchez la femme!” is implemented by the Academy of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen Region (RCC PR) o.p.s.
Implementation period: 1. 7. 2014 – 30. 4. 2016
On the European scale, the Czech Republic belongs to countries having a below-average proportion of women in technical and ICT fields, which has a number of negative consequences in economic and social areas.

The project aims to increase girls' interest in studying technical and ICT subjects through the implementation of a comprehensive set of activities directed at female students of primary and grammar schools, their parents and teachers.

Other objectives of the project →
1. To create a network of relevant participants in the Pilsen Region.
2. To increase the girls´ interest in studying technical and ICT subjects at secondary schools and universities.
3. To improve teachers and school counsellors’ competencies in gender issues related to counselling for career.
4. To raise an awareness of such issues in society.

The following organisations are involved in the project implementation as partners: : the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen Region, the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Techmania Science Center o. p. s.

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Key activities

  • Activities for primary schools

    Activities for primary schools

    Talks will be led by a coordinator for the respective district with the participation of a female professional expert, i.e. a woman who acquired technical education and is successful in her work ...

  • Activities for grammar schools

    Activities for grammar schools

    The goal of Demonstration Days is to make female students familiar with particular technical and ICT fields of study. An important part of the event is the opportunity to personally try a particular working procedure, to work ...

  • Training of teachers

    Training of teachers

    The main objective is to train the target group in gender issues related to education and counselling for career choice. ...

"The project has been supported by the Open Society Fund Prague within its programme called ‘Let´s Give Women a Chance’, which is funded from the Norway Grants. Through the Norway Grants, Norway contributes to reducing social and economic disparities and to strengthening mutual cooperation in Europe. It primarily supports the environmental protection, research and scholarships, the civil society development, health care, children, gender equality and the judiciary improvement. The Let´s Give Women a Chance programme promotes equal opportunities for men and women in professional and personal life and prevention and help to victims of domestic violence in the Czech Republic. The programme is administered by the Open Society Fund Prague, which has been developing the values of open society and democracy in the Czech Republic since 1992.”

Academy of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen Region, o.p.s.